The Electronic Office

The Electronic Office

SRS is not only completely computerized in the office; its electronic reach extends to the field. Each SRS sales person is equipped with a laptop computer and tablet for instant access while on the road to the fully networked headquarters Cloud Server and ShareFile Cloud documents. Our commitment to instant communication with factory and field is further supported by a sophisticated in-house voicemail system, an active “web” site, and company e-mail address for customer and factory communication.

But it’s not the state-of-the-art electronics alone that gives us the technological tools to process information for our factories and us, it is the software we specified and installed that gives us the engine to analyze critical data and drive it to decision making and needs for action. We have also added a CRM platform to our arsenal of electronic programs.

It also gives us the capability for fast and accurate order tracking and analysis. Monthly reports of sales by customer and by factory are prepared for the company and each sales person, showing year-to-date and prior year figures for ease of comparison and appropriate sales management supervision.

We are committed to continuing this technological leadership in every area where it serves you better.

SRS… we can be your most effective selling tool.