About Us

About Us

At SRS, we not only help put your products on the shelves, we pride ourselves in helping you grow your penetration of the market.

Our hallmark is a powerful combination of people and technology. Every SRS sales person is experienced, trained and constantly retrained to match product benefits to buyer profiles. Ours is a proactive approach, with programs creatively, forcefully and productively presented, and followed up with intense customer service.

With one customer service rep for every two salesmen, we are a new hybrid in the marketing mix – a combination of sales, service and support – resulting in a responsible and targeted force in the field, using the latest in technology to keep you abreast of every market action and reaction.

SRS uses computerized order-tracking and electronic data interface and has the ability to help you with account management, sales projections, market surveys, telemarketing, promotional flyers, national price shopping and other important services, as well as the professionalism and expertise that four generations of experience can give.

We have the resources available to help you expand your distribution, increase your profitability and maximize your return on investment. Equally important, we offer your customers the know-how and manpower to support your marketing programs, including manpower-intensive sell-through programs to jobbers and dealers. And, when you want to know how we’re doing for you, we’re proud and pleased to offer detailed performance reports, because we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

SRS… we can be your most effective selling tool.